There have been global efforts promoting the importance of inclusivity in the workplace, thanks to which we have reached a relatively high level of global awareness and outspokenness on the matter. However, the concept has not been reflected in enough entities of both the private and public sectors. While various institutions invested resources in creating more inclusive environments, some of them tailored their policies towards the needs of a certain community excluding another with different needs. Consequently, even inclusive spaces are often not inclusive for all. Although these efforts are appreciated, they are reliant on either the backgrounds of those who designed them or the current needs of the workplace. This necessitates the support provided by a third-party of experts on diversity, equity, and inclusion, like Aman.


Employee Satisfaction: Not only does an inclusive space attract diverse talents from all sectors, but it also gives employees the chance to thrive just by being themselves in their place of work.
Productivity: Under the ideal working conditions, in a well-equipped place and a safe environment, employees’ performance is bolstered, and productivity is bound to skyrocket.
Client Satisfaction: An institution which embraces diverse identities contributes to employees' enjoyment in doing their jobs. Their performance and commitment will most certainly show to clients, encouraging them to seek the services of this institution again.
Revenue Increase: Ensuring client satisfaction in a place which unconditionally respects them will have them coming back for more collaborations.
Promotion: Providing the ideal working conditions and maintaining a high quality of deliverables will reflect well on the image of your business. Both employees and clients will spread positive word-of-mouth, giving that business the right kind of visibility.


Although protection guidelines are implemented in every institution, , these guidelines are insufficient if their design and implementation is not overseen by third-party experts.
We instill the principles of understanding, acceptance and comprehension within the management and administrative teams to ensure the internal policies and code of conduct of the institution take into consideration the different needs of different people. In addition to training staff on applying this code, we have you covered from A to Z.