Our experience in the domain of diversity, equity, and inclusion spans multiple countries around the world, working hand in hand with different UN agencies and several actors. Throughout our work, we discovered a gap between the vision and implementation of inclusion. The societal responsibility of tailoring institutions to be welcoming and secure is still lacking. It is mostly seen in the public sector, while in non-governmental organizations it is often reliant on the donors’ approach. Institutions of the private sector have a choice to either take on or disregard this responsibility, which does not portray the pressing nature of accomplishing inclusion.

It is the stakeholder that should be the most included in instilling inclusion in its institutions of all sectors. We noticed a need particularly in the private sector to tailor and implement the relevant policies, as well as design the workplace to the comfort of employees and clients alike.

That is why we founded Aman. We aspire to uplevel the private sector’s performance within the aspect of inclusion.

Our mission

Influencing stakeholders of the private and public sectors to dictate and implement policies which protect clients and employees as well as equip institutions with the needed services and products in order to acquaint everyone.

Our vision

Orienting private and public institutions towards reaching the full potential of inclusivity while creating safe spaces which embrace everyone in harmony.



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Diversity: Our team comprises people who come from different backgrounds and ethnicities.
Accessibility: We aim to create products and services that can be of benefit to everyone regardless of their backgrounds.
Equity: We believe in promoting equity everywhere. we strive to ensure that every, everyone has access to equal opportunities and resources, and we are committed to addressing systemic barriers to equity and inclusion.
Enhancement: We seek improvement, outwardly and inwardly alike. We will continue to improve what we do and how we do it by the day.
Innovation: We believe that innovation and inclusion go hand in hand. We value diverse perspectives and believe that an inclusive approach fosters creativity and drives innovation..